The Shanks-Liptrott Trophy

Welcome to the home of the rapidly-becoming-famous Shanks-Liptrott Trophy, an invitation only sporting predictions competition with a lot of hyphens but not a lot of prize money. It was formed in 2013 by Sam Liptrott and Caroline and Alan Shanks with the intention of adding an extra dimension to one of their favourite pastimes of watching sport and offering up insightful and knowledgeable comment at the same time. Who has the most insight and knowledge, we thought. It was also a pretty good way of retaining an interest in the FA Cup after Bolton were knocked out (January latterly, November now).


 Rules and Such

We have included a few extras this year in order to keep the competition going after the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year and adjusted the points awarded for runner-up on a few events (just to avoid unseemly fisticuffs at the end of year bash).

For the newcomers, we used a (Facebook) Messenger group last year which proved very popular for commenting, insulting or libelling fellow contestants. I nominate Sam to sort that out.

 Table columns are based on last year's final positions and time of entry for the newbies.


Mostly three points for a winning selection and one point for second. The exceptions are;

  • Golf Majors and Olympic Golf - 1 point up to 5th place
  • Ryder Cup - 3pts for winner or correct score. No runner-up points
  • Olympic Medal Table - 1pt for 2nd or 3rd
  • Sports Personality of the Year - 1pt for 2nd or 3rd
  • Horse Racing - 1pt for bookies placing (up to 3rd or 4th depending on the race)


You are allowed one substitution through the course of the year if any of your individual candidates withdraw through injury before the start of the event.


70-20-10% split of the total pot. In the event of a tied score the person with the most correct predictions wins. If they have the same number of correct predictions I don't know what the hell we're going to do. A game of pool perhaps.


Any issues that arise will be settled by a majority decision from Caroline, Sam and Alan.

Scrolling Issues

The Predictions Table is quite wide and, for an incredibly complicated and technical reason I know nothing of, there appears not to be a horizontal scroll bar at the foot of the browser window on desktops/laptops. I have reduced the font size which has helped a bit (close any side bars if you still can't see it all). However, it's working fine on phones and tablets so swipe and swipe and carry on till you get to Ant.

Nominated By.....

How did you find out about the trophy? This was supposed to make sure that new entries had been properly invited and we didn't spend days trying to find out whose friend Vladimir was - a reason overlooked by some established players which led to some baffled or outraged respones. Such as;

  • Rich - You did!
  • Hannah - I happen to be a Liptrott I'll have you know!
  • Caroline - I'm a founding member and curent champion!
  • Sam - I AM THE F*****G TROPHY!

Let's hope they are as astute with their predictions.