Decision Time!

Cheltenham Gold Cup this Friday, 16th March 15:30. Entries to be in by the start of the race. Make your selection here or message Alan/Caroline with your choice. If I were you, I would go for Native River.

Carolyn Secures 8th In Frantic Finish!

Drama on the last day of the 2017 Trophy as Durrant's win saw several contestants leap-frog up the table and, conversely, several contestants plummet more than a few places. Sam's hopes of holding on to that coveted 8th place were dashed as Mat, Keith and Carolyn quite ruthlessly pushed him down the table into a dismal 11th place, leaving a surprised and delighted Carolyn as the queen of mid-table mediocrity.

'I can't believe it!' she said, taking a break from mixing yorkshires, 'If you had offered me that at the start of the season I would have snatched your hand off! Sam is a legend in the Trophy so to knock him off that 8th spot is just brill. And I'm a woman! HAH!'

Graceful in defeat, Sam had nothing to say whatsoever.

The Shanks-Liptrott Trophy

Welcome to the home of the rapidly-becoming-famous Shanks-Liptrott Trophy, an invitation only sporting predictions competition with a lot of hyphens but not a lot of prize money. It was formed in 2013 by Sam Liptrott and Caroline and Alan Shanks with the intention of adding an extra dimension to one of their favourite pastimes of watching sport and offering up insightful and knowledgeable comment at the same time. Who has the most insight and knowledge, we thought. It was also a pretty good way of retaining an interest in the FA Cup after Bolton were knocked out (January latterly, November now).


Events for 2018

Entries close midnight on Friday 12th January 2018. We are running a shortened event this year (up until September only) as we have decided to run the Trophy from August to September in the future. Hopefully, this will make the run-in a bit more interesting.


Mostly three points for a winning selection and one point for second. The exceptions are;

  • Golf Majors - 1 point up to 5th place
  • Super Bowl Winning Score - 1pt. Irrespective of the winning team (Tie-break question).
  • Sports Personality of the Year - 1pt for 2nd or 3rd
  • Horse Racing - 1pt for bookies placing (up to 3rd or 4th depending on the race)


You are allowed one substitution through the course of the year if any of your individual candidates withdraw through injury before the start of the event.


70-20-10% split of the total pot. In the event of a tied score the person with the most correct predictions wins. If they have the same number of correct predictions the tie-break question will be the decider.


Any issues that arise will be settled by a majority decision from Caroline, Sam and Alan.

The submission form will be added soon.


Selected messages from 2016 Messenger chat. To protect everyone's credibility and reputation aliases are being used.

Newbie Baiting

LL: What is Football?

KP: Strange game played by particularly stupid, cheating, whingeing tossers with no sense of sportsmanship or team ethic. At least that's what it says in the OED.

RD: Rookies don't have a chance Listy.

On Snooker

SL: Sean f*****g Murphy. That's the last time I back the chubby Christian!

CS: Never liked him. Always looks smug.

KP: Wasn't Chubby Christian a pop singer back in the 60's?

RD: Did that religious fat chap win this competition as a qualifier a few years back? Ding a Ling!!! I do love a good Chinese.

LL: If Dennis Taylor tells me once more how still Dinga Ling keeps his head still I'm gonna scream. He's in a Selby induced coma...


AA: I have 19 different picks to Caroline. I've got no chance.

CS: Wish I had your confidence!

KP: Surely the girl can't be lucky two years in a row?

CS: I agree. That would make me lucky 3 times out of 4 with one 2nd!

KP: See! Your lucks got to run out soon. And their's no way Donald Trump will win the World Snooker Champs.

CS: Let's hope he doesn't win anything this year!

More on Snooker

RD: Is Ding actually Vietnamese? He seems to blend into the carpet with that waistcoat.

LL: Nail the blue.... Bollox.

RD: I love Ding.

LL: Surely not.... I mean you loving Ding Rich, not this absurd frame.

RD: Twat it and it will go in Ding. Believe me I'm an expert!

RD: Twat it harder!

LL: I can see a Begby moment coming on.... Faaaakkkkk nobody move!

LL: I assume this thread will be removed from our noble trophy messenger feed...

Euro 2016 Debate

AA: Travesty. It's like Greece all over again.

CS: Unbelievable. They are the best team in Europe?

AA: If football is competing in a global sporting market place that brand of football will not sell the game.

LL: It's the most popular sport in the world. Shortly followed by cricket. As such a tournament mired by expectations beyond the ability of the teams won't matter for shit. Given the modern malaise of being utterly petrified to lose, what does one expect. If there's anything in it, play cricket.

SL: I completely agree with Luke. There is no motivation to provide quality football, because all games (and by extension tournaments) are subsequently clipped down to highlight reels with goals. This tournament has had good goals, in between sure football, but the highlight reels look good and most people (and more importantly sponsors) will forget all the shit in between them. There will be plucky Wales (dreadful in the most part), plucky Iceland (dreadful bus parking throughout), and perennial under-achievers Portugal finally coming good and beating their nemeses France (though they were beyond f*****g awful to watch from start to finish). The TV men and sponsors won't talk about the stuff in brackets, and 90% of 'football people' will forget about the boring bits a matter of minutes after the games are played. As a lover of football it's depressing, but I reckon it's what we're stuck with.

RD: Did you write the BBC article Sam?

Scrolling Issues

The Predictions Table is quite wide and, for an incredibly complicated and technical reason I know nothing of, there appears not to be a horizontal scroll bar at the foot of the browser window on desktops/laptops. I have reduced the font size which has helped a bit (close any side bars if you still can't see it all). However, it's working fine on phones and tablets so swipe and swipe and carry on till you get to Will.